Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Last great night before breast cancer

I was trying to remember the year as I was posting my profile and cover photos of Chris and I last night.  My cousin commented it was 2009.  It had never hit before, till that moment that.....

I had breast cancer. Just hadn't been diagnosed. This was one of absolutely, if not the, greatest, most fun, joyful nights I'd ever had-celebrating the wedding of a dear friend. That night I even tried to dance and learn faces with Peanut!  What fun she is!! (Not singing tho.  No singing.  Peanut wouldn't even be able to MAKE me.)

This month was my sixth year out.  Yay me!!!  Looking at these photos-this was truly all I said, a great, fun, joyful night and....the last of such......  Chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries have since wrecked havoc on my body, face, mine....on who Marnie or Marna or Marna Beth or Marn was before.

It saddens me.  But I believe part of healing is facing that, no, things are forever changed. They are.  But great, different moments, new types of moments, can take place.  Do. And will.