Saturday, June 7, 2014

Loss Number Two

New York Rangers lose in second overtime of game two of Stanley Cup finals.  What a game.  This series is going to drive me crazy.  

I had originally wanted to go out to eat somewhere and watch the game.  Everyone was busy so I stayed home and my great niece Bella watched along with me. 

Bella has probably never, ever watched a full hockey game.  She laughed at me the whole time because the game kept me riled up.  She's asleep now.  Couldn't make it past the beginning of the second overtime.   My excitement more than likely wore her out.  

On to Monday night.....

Game Two of Finals

Game time!

Movie Line

Okay.  Waiting in line to go into the theater to watch "Fault in our Stars" is like standing in line waiting to go on a scary, giant, roller coaster ride at Disney World.  Everyone you see coming out is crying.

One of those nights...

Do you ever have one of those nights where it's 2:30 am and your mind is spinning as fast as the ceiling fan above you?  I often have those.  Mostly my head is buzzing and racing about things which have to be done.  Decisions to be made. Sometimes it's just irritated at the great niece cutting logs beside you while her phone vibrates from text messages from friends. 

Tonight, or this morning rather, I believe I'm just so tired that I can't sleep.  Ugh.  Wait. Another text....

The Trustee's conference in Murfreesboro was nice.  I rather like traveling.  However the air wasn't working well in my room and the bed was horribly uncomfortable so sleeping alluded me there as it is right now. Plus the toilet wasn't working at check in. Maintenance guy had to fix.  I hate having to have a maintenance man in my room when traveling alone!

My biggest reason for not sleeping?  The real reason?  Guilt.  I was unkind today to someone I should have been overly kind to. I don't know why. Well, I do but it's no excuse.  Perhaps being tired brought my ugly side to light this afternoon.  But again, that's an excuse. And excuses I hate.  Like the excuses criminals made on that stupid COPS show Chelsea made me watch tonight.  (For revenge I forced her to sit through three episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress".)

Ugh.  Another text.....and more snoring.  Maybe I should just get up and try sleep again later.  But. Oh wait. I have to work tomorrow.  I'm already feeling a good long nap tomorrow.  I hope.

Jack and Mallie Belle

My great niece Mallie Belle and great nephew Jack.  Mallie is wearing a dress I wore as a baby.  My sister revamped the 40 year old dress.  Vintage is "in" I reckon.  

The Whole Story

The whole story about going to the movies came out tonight while Chelsea was spending the night.  I asked Chelsea about Bella texts about going and then not going.

Chelsea said that she was home with Bella and her mom and friend Morgan. Bella told Chelsea she was going to see the movie, "The Fault in our Stars", with me.  Chelsea told their mom, Jennifer, Bella didn't need to until someone else watched it.  (She and me is what she meant.) Bella said "Mom said I could watch it".  Chelsea said "Mom, PG13 movies aren't what they used to be.  Bella doesn't need to see it."  Back and forth they went.

Chelsea left with Morgan.  On their way to Morgan's house she googled the movie and called her mom about all the bad stuff google had listed.  Jennifer then told Bella no, you can't go see it.  And that is when Bella texted me that she couldn't go.

Bella, the 12 year old, thinks Chelsea, the 20 year old, enjoys ruining her life.  I think they are both out to drive everyone nuts..........

I guess I'll just go by myself to watch the movie tomorrow afternoon.  That'll put a stop to all the fussing.