Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chris's Mom

Chris's mom's 6 month tests came back and shows some areas of concern.  Spots on lung.  I fear her cancer has returned.   Praying for best on PET Scan next week.

That's all I can say about that......

Three Weeks

I've gained almost 10 pounds in three weeks.   Yoga is bad luck....

2014-2015 Nashville Predators

Well. Proud of the Preds!!  What a year after being called, last summer, worst odds for Stanley Cup. An amazing playoff round of boys vs veterans missing Shea Weber and Mr. Carrie Underwood for some games.

The bad part?  Ugh.  Put out by Chicago. Anybody but Chicago!  That hurts worst. The only thing I half way like about the Hawks is #91 and that's only because he was Ranger.