Saturday, March 8, 2014

Campaign Funnies

My family and biggest supporters. 

In 2008 election year I ran for Monroe County Trustee.  It was a tough year in more ways than just the physical and emotional brutal'ness of running a hard primary in spring and then the general election in fall.  My daddy died about a month before the primary.  It was so hard to not have him there when I won the primary.

But here is some political humor I have ran across since entering the world of politics.

Chris and I were campaigning door to door one Saturday in 2008.   He would pull in a drive and I'd jump out to go knock.  As I was approaching the porch of a house I saw something familiar. My yard signs! Probably 50 of them slung way up under the porch. Hmmm...this was not the home of a supporter of mine!   The people weren't home and I was flabbergasted.   Yard signs are expensive.  Very much so.  People for meanness will steal them. Teens will for jokes. But 50?  Whole new level.

Oh!  How I wish I'd had a phone with a camera! For that and for this:

A year after elections, 2009, I was driving through Vonore on HWY 411.  Now mind you, elections were over a year ago. Election signs were long gone. Suddenly a sign up ahead caught my eye.  It looked like one of my yard signs!  There was something over the middle but I could see the outer edges showing halves of lettering of which could only be my sign.

The closer I got I could see a piece of white notebook paper was stuck to middle of sing. Getting closer still I could read the words YARD SALE scrawled on the paper with an arrow pointing right.  Well. At least one sign was recycled for use.

The last cute funny I can think of.  A couple of years ago a friend was shopping in a local consignment store.   She was flipping through a rack and there suddenly was a "Hull for Trustee" t-shirt.  How funny.....

Jack's Haircut

Great nephew, two year old Jack, reading "The Buzz" while waiting for haircut from Jason at Jeff's Barber Shop in Madisonville.  Our friend Jeff Millsaps owns and gave Jack his very first haircut here when he was still considered a baby.

Now!  This is a barbershop!  
Deer.  Bear.  Boar.  Turkeys.  Ducks.  Barn wood.   This is the kind of barbershop I imagine Daryl Dixon from "The Walking Dead" would have gotten a haircut at pre-zombie days.


Turkey legs are coat hooks.

Employee Appreciation Day

Red Velvet cupcakes from Crowder's Creation for my staff on Employee Appreciation Day on Friday.