Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Rapkings

Chris grew up with Timmy and Packy Rapking in Hiwassee Hills.  They all loved dirt bikes and bmx bikes as kids.

Every year the Rapkings and friends have went to the Atlanta Motor Cross race.  Every year i can remember.  Probably 15 years or better. This year because of Packy's cancer, they were unable to go.  His brother Timmy arranged a fun get together of friends and family to watch the motorcycle race.

The food was amazing and it was great to spend time with friends.

Me and Ava.  Timmy and Misty 
Rapking's baby girl.


I wonder how long this tree has been at Rasar Landing?  
 I think I remember it being there in the 80's.  

Boating already??!!

Chris went wake boarding yesterday while I was at work.

We had a great lunch with Packy, April and Michael first.  Poor Packy was feeling really awful.  The chemo is wearing him down.  I hate seeing someone going through the fears of cancer and chemo.   I'd much rather be the patient than watch friends or family suffer with illness or grief.

Michael, Chris and I then went to the lake.  It was actually a beautiful day.  I took my blanket as usual but didn't need the heater hose until the way back to the dock.