Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Scenes from May 6, 2014 election

My family

Sister in law Bridget and nephew Colton

Great niece Chelsea

Niece Amber and future nephew Bryce

Me and three of the nieces

Me and three of the nephews

Chris and friend Rusty


Friend Kelley



Kelley, Amber and Rusty

Votes arriving from precincts

Kathy reading some precinct results. 

My cousin "Worm"

Southern Slang

Here are some words/slang we use in Monroe County, TN and surrounding areas in East Tennessee.  Most is new to go along with the post from a while back: Air Words

Words and phrases are hard for me to define.  I just use them.  In my mind I think people know what I mean.  Some I've listed but just can't explain or define.

These words and phrases are natural to me.  So I always assume that everyone knows what they mean or use them as well.   Some may be universal.  But I figure most are not.

If you have any to share please do in the comments section.  Or if you know how to define one I don't or have a different definition than I please share as well.

  • From here = local resident all their life
  • I've lived here all my life = never lived in any other place other than Monroe County.
  • Great day in the morning!! is an expression of exasperation
  • Right off hand = expression said to someone that means I don't know
  • Poor folks.  Isn't referring to financial but it's an expression of empathy
  • Diddly squat = I don't care or I don't know
  • Country as worm dirt = person who isn't from town, grew up in the country
  • Thanks for having us over = expression of thanks after visiting someone's home
  • Air dirty laundry = over sharing private information
  • Pallet laid out for ya = bed.  generally said by a grandparent when grandchildren are spending the night.
  • Smaller it down = decrease
  • Bigger it up = increase
  • Hurts something awful = intense pain, physically or emotionally
  • Few and far between = something that is desirable but hard to find
  • Hung up on = craving something
  • Speak of the devil = expression said when talking with people and the person you are talking about walks up.
  • What do ya for? What do ya? = What can I do for you?
  • Fiddle fart around = haven't accomplished anything.  Lazy. Procrastinate.
  • put off something = procrastinate
  • Up the road a piece = direction
  • "I know who they are but I don't know em"
  • I know of them
  • I've heard of them
  • "I might recognize em if I see em"
  • "I have heard that name.  If I see em I'll know em"
  • "I know em but I can't place em"
  • Hung up on em = addicted
  • Haven't seen you forever = haven't seen you in a long time
  • Thank ye kindly = thank you very much
  • A'fore = before
  • Stuck in my craw = irritating situation
  • Take a gander = look at something
  • Panties in a wad = aggravated
  • Getting on my nerves = aggravated
  • Fussy fied = aggravated
  • Ain't big as a piss ant = small size
  • Ain't big as a fart = small size
  • Take a listen to this = said to someone before you tell them something
  • Mamaw and Papaw = grandmother and grandfather
  • Lives in the sticks = lives in the country not the town
  • Thanks for your trouble = thank you for your assistance
  • Give or take a few = approximate
  • Who are your kin = relatives
  • Who are your people = relatives
  • Whoop'n = spanking
  • Sunday week = a week from Sunday
  • Wait till I find you out = find or hear the truth
  • Where I'm from Dinner is Lunch;  Dinner is supper
  • Fetch me something = bring me something
  • Go get me = bring me something
  • Pick me up some = bring me something
  • Pert near = almost
  • Carry about your business = carry on; go do what you're supposed to do
  • Wishy washy = go either way; unsure
  • Not bent on something = unsure
  • Not keeping up with nothing = not paying attention
  • Coal oil = kerosene
  • Katie bar the door = trouble
  • Chimley = chimney
  • Tickled my funny bone = made me laugh
  • Do you need a lift = driven somewhere
  • Do you need a ride = driven somewhere
  • In cahoots = partners
  • Partners in crime = doing things together
  • Two peas in a pod = two people just alike; same as
  • Quite a while back = measure of time
  • "Don't roll around in the mud with a pig.  You'll both get dirty and the pig will like it."
  • Sorta = kind of
  • Sure is = positive 
  • Sure thing = Okay;  Someone says-- "Go buy a gallon a milk on your way home."  And your reply is "sure thing".
  • Switch/hickory = tree branch used to spank
  • Pokie = jail
  • Up the road a piece = distance
  • Hit the hay = go to bed
  • Sight for sore eyes = haven't seen someone you like in a long time
  • Going to spring city = going to bed (Spring City is a real town. We thought we were really going to get to go somewhere.)
  • Varmit
  • Bless your pea picking heart = said when you feel sorry for someone
  • Feel sorry for someone = sympathy or empathy
  • Pert near = almost
  • Scat there = said to someone after they sneeze
  • Scat there kitty cat. Get your tail outta the gravy. = Said to someone after they sneeze.
  • Now mind you = listen to
  • Hear me out = listen to what I have to say
  • Got along just fine = did okay
  • Chilly = cold outside
  • Mess = measuring unit
  • Varmit = someone mean
  • You little heathren = kid that arr mean
  • Stick in the mud = you're no fun
  • Shed of = rid of; throw away
  • Raise cane = complain
  • Stir up a stink = cause trouble
  • Ugly = behave badly
  • Nairy = none
  • Sweep under someone's feet it's believed they'll never marry.
  • Roast'n'ears = corn on the cob
  • Sore as the dickens = muscles are sore after a workout
  • Mud slinging = happens in politics a lot. Talk bad about someone.  Criticize in public or newspaper.
  • Telling somebody's business = gossiping about someone
  • Bickering = arguing
  • Talk bad about someone = criticize someone with gossip
  • Talk about someone = criticize someone with gossip
  • Put someone down = criticize someone with gossip
  • Plenty of time=- "Don't hurry. We have plenty of time to get there."
  • "Idle hands are the devils handiwork."
  • Get in everybody's business = be nosey = Be too inquisitive
  • "Don't be nosey." = Ask question you shouldn't.   Be too inquisitive
  • Prowl around = Be too inquisitive
  • Getting into something = Trouble
  • Ain't that the truth
  • Wouldn't do for me =
  • Ya'll doing okay = How are you
  • Snooping = Be too inquisitive
  • Bothersome = aggravate
  • Get on somebody's nerves = aggravate
  • Busy body = gossiper; someone who causes trouble
  • Fit to be tied = angry  
  • Dreckly = after while
  • Okie Dokie = Okay
  • "You don't know how much time you got" = don't know when we'll die
  • Courting = dating
  • "Give you a good talking too" = verbally reprimand
  • Fuss at = verbally reprimand 
  • Scold = verbally reprimand 

Blessed to live in a Country where EVERYONE can vote....

My nephew Tanner with Down Syndrome voted today in McMinn County.   My 92 year old aunt Charlsie voted by mail in Monroe County.   

It's important to them and I hope it's important to you....

Pray Vote Pray

Pray Vote Pray

Pray for our nation
Vote. Do your civic duty
Pray for our leaders

It's election day!  I have an old election button my sister gave me.  It has some great advice to heed before you cast your ballot:   "Pray, Vote, Pray".

I'm running unopposed but would greatly appreciate a confidence vote.