Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Holiday can delay receiving diagnosis

"Easter could delay women receiving
Breast Cancer results."

Bless em in the below article.  My biopsy was a Wednesday.. I was told by doctors it would probably be Monday before I received results because of holiday and testing takes several days for results.  However there was a chance the results would be ready on Good Friday because biopsy was rushed so my "call" was in fact Good Friday.  No waiting for Monday. I well remember the stomach knot of thoughts of the possibilty of having to wait until Monday. News on Good Friday eliminated the fear and nervousness of the wait.

The article below speaks of ways to distract yourself over Easter weekend  with family, friends and chocolate.  Only Chris had I did not disclosed the seriousness of my biopsy. So I occupied myself with barn chores and playing with 7 ridiculously cute American Bulldog puppies.

I'll never forget the phone call from the social worker on that Good Friday, (which, bless her, I found a bit funny a few days later), delivering the positive results of breath cancer.

Neither will I forget the phone call I made from the barn to the arena asking Chris to come down to barn,  I had news to share.

Chris's customers and also students ride every Friday.  One of my closest, I feel, of these is  Cindy Backus.

Cindy was the only person riding that day. I've still no idea if Chris told Cindy.  Seems their lesson was shorter than normal. I don't know. Chris was teary eyed and quiet most of the afternoon.

I said, "Chris, go back to work. Cindy needs attention and it will take your mind off what horrible news I'd just given.  That was Good Friday 2010.  Praise be, although after effects from chemo and radiation will always plague me, God worked a mighty work through my doctors and treatment they designed.

Link to research article:Easter and holidays can delay results to patients