Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rotten Eggs

I threw some rotten eggs at Chris yesterday. Of course, me being me, I missed and hit my car.....


Chris's momma loved her irises!! Those she grew were beautiful.  Last summer she had me dig some to replant in my garden.  There were four beautiful ones near her house.  She only allowed me to take a couple of those, small bulbs, her favorite. (Chuckle. She was such a cutie.) The rest she gave were a different kind from a different patch.  Those haven't bloomed as of this morning.  Emma said it may take a couple years to do so.

A few weeks ago, after her death, I went to dig a few more iris from her flower beds.  Several of which were her beloved ones near the house!  (Chuckle.)  Emma Lee loved those best and seeing them transplanted at my home and knowing they will bloom every spring will be a continuing link to the enormous love I had for her.

Her favorite ones, which she threw coffee grounds and egg shells every morning, have bloomed.  More precious than any Colton, Amber and I saw at Biltmore this past weekend.

(Chris told me yesterday morning, your flowers are blooming. Momma's flowers....)