Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spending the Night

Chris's brother Steve has lived with their mama for probably going on 15 years. Chris spent the night at his mom's the other night and plans to as many nights as possible.

As I talked with Emma tonight she asked if I cared if Chris spent the night tonight?   I said of course not and he should do so as many nights as possible.   I told her it was good for him and her...

Chris's mama.

All the family is so devastated about dealing with Emma Lee's cancer diagnosis.  It's almost surreal to think about her dying as she's so healthy, on the outside, right now. Some of the family is in denial, some not facing the reality of life and death.  All tremendously sad with fits of crying spells you fear will never end.

We just talked on the phone.  She had just finished a plate of chicken and dumplings and fussing about the cough I've had for what's going on a month.  When hanging up the nagging thought which continues to persist rises again....what is worse....waiting to watch Emma Lee's health decline unto death or a sudden, unexpected loss such as my brother's, mother's and father's?

All I know is they all suck a big toe.  (My go to, feel bad expression.)

And that's all I gotta say about that.

Four Organizations Accused of Cancer Funding Fraud

$187 million scam for cancer funding

Cancer Scams...

I'm very upset, but not surprised, about the news of four cancer charities accused of $180 million in scams.

Reasons I'm reluctant to give to cancer charities?  Even as a survivor?  These.  I do not support Komen nor many national organizations.   I prefer donations be kept in county.  Unfortunately there are no major fund raising happening in Monroe County to do so.  One local program can assist with gas $.  However there is need for help with co-pays, transportation, prevention programs, dectection programs, Hospice care expenses. The list is so long as to what services locally are needed.

Perhaps. Perhaps research is getting plenty of the pie...

Local funding? Sounds like a blog for later....