Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why Shea Weber is the best NHL defenseman.......ever.

1. He's an Olympic gold medalist. (We'll ignore it's for Canada.)
2. He is courteous by picking up the puck for the referee every time.
3. He has the hardest slap shot- it has actually went through the net once.
4. He's a Captain.
5. He's a dog owner.
6. He owns a big dog.
7. He can pick up an opponent with one arm and put them to the ice.
8. He's seems like a mentor by patting teammates on the head in the "huddle" after a score.
9. He's an invisible man.  Who knows anything about him?
10. He plays through pain.
11. He's cool enough to be a Captain but can loose his cool when need be.
12. He stays out of trouble off the ice unlike Cain and Seguin.
13. He stays on the ice with blood on his face.
14. He doesn't have a Facebook page.
15. He has the fastest slap shot which he proves at each All Star Game. (Well, second.)
16. He's a Norris Trophy Nominee.  Three times.
17. He's a class act after he's lost the Norris Trophy. Three times.
18. He's never on Twitter.
19. He's cocky when need be. Think arbitration and contract negotiations.  (Please write a book someday.)
20. He's stuck in Nashville for the rest of his career. (Please write a book someday.)
21. He has the best playoff beard.
22. Instead of teammates battling his battles he battles his own.....and their's when need be.
23. He rarely takes cheap shots. (We'll ignore the Zetterburg incident. )
24. He never screams at the refs.
25. He is a true defenseman. (No Karlson there.)
26. He's made it just fine without Suter.
27. He doesn't dive.
28. He may never win the Lady Byng trophy but he will win the Norris....and Lord Stanley.
29. He's respected by his peers.
30. He's got a great check.
31. He can skate backward.
32. He can skate forward.
33. He can skate.
34. He could play in a movie.  Think "Youngblood" and "The Cutting Edge".  No " Mighty Ducks".
35. He can push someone against the boards and they can't move.
36. He gives to the community. Not sure how much exactly. He's the invisible man.
37. He shot a puck from a waaay up in the stands of Bridgestone and hit the net.
38. He can score. He can assist.
39. He has a sharing nature. He doesn't hog the puck.
40. He's #6.  My lucky number.
41. He's large physically.  Imposing.
42. He has an Angry Shea which rears from time to time.

And...He.......He........There has to be more. My brain is tired.  I'll think of others tomorrow. Or better yet. Add your reasons in the comments on why Shea Weber is the best NHL defenseman ever.

Shea Weber is a boss.

The only thing that would have made Shea Weber
even better?  If he was American. HA!