Thursday, July 21, 2016

First dinner with my parents....

Hmmmmm.....going to tell a homey type story for Kathy Eyman to wake up too. Chris's first meal with my Daddy, Momma and I would have been around February or March 1990. (We began kinda seeing each other after his birthday in January 1990.) Momma was cooking her normal, large, country every night meal, which always contained cornbread and milk for Daddy.

Chris wasn't at the house yet. I walked into the kitchen to find Skeeter, my Australian Shepherd dog given to me by my big sis Sharon McNutt, leaning on top of table eating the meatloaf.  I cried out, "MOM Skeeter has eaten some of the side of the meatloaf!!!!!!!!!!!"  I was hysterical!!

Momma came in and made Skeeter go away.  She proceded to calmly cut away the side Skeeter had nibbled on. Momma in her always classy, cool, and collected way said, "Chris will never know".

And he didn't.  Untill after we were married in 1996.  Figured I needed that piece of information hidden until we were hitched.

Skeeter went everywhere with me.  Slept in the floor beside me and would play to exhaustion with his beloved football.