Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today at Dollywood

Good times with my nephew Colton at Dollywood!  (I forgot my Rangers play tonight in what could be a sweep for the Stanley Cup or I'd probably have shafted Colton.)

Breakfast.   Thought I'd splurge on some donuts since I'd be walking it off at Dollywood.   I did manage to only buy a two pack! 

Colton and I listened to Dolly all the way to the park. I lip sync  except when "9 to 5" and "He's Alive" played.  I whisper sang then.

When we got to Dollywood Colton said we'd park at Tram stop C.  I told him we should drive on up to see about closer spot.  Colton said "The tram is the first official ride at Dollywood. "

Colton wanted selfies at the main Dollywood signs.

Ugh backpack.  I would have never taken one but it was supposed to rain....

Waiting on a show.   I'd have been in trouble if I'd drank the whole thing!

My favorite at Dollywood. 

'Nuther selfie

More selfie...

Dollywood casualties.  I sent pictures to my sis-n-law and she said "bless it. Blisters".   I told her I fell. She texted back "over your own feet??"  I asked her, "yes, tripping over my own feet is more believable than blisters when it comes to me isn't it?"

Colton is like me when it comes to rides.  Soooo I like going with him to Dollywood.   We watch shows and ride a few rides.  We're on the same page as far as rides go.  Although he said he gets sick on the "Dizzy Disk".   I was going to ride by myself but Colton said he'd try.  We ended up riding three times!  By the third time we were quite "dizzy" and not thinking, walking or talking quite right and I badly mispronounced the name of the ride!

One thing we aren't on the same page about?  Water rides.  I hate them.   Colton absolutely loves them. 

He talked me into riding the River Rampage at the very end of day while promising I'd not get very wet. I told Colton I attract water.  If anyone on a ride gets wet it's always me.  In fact kids on the water rides give me the stink eye when the ride is over.  I'm wet. They're not.   

Well after probably, oh, at least ten years of no water rides i thought I'd give it a whirl.  Knowing I'd get wet.  But for a niece or nephew I'll give most things a try.   Tradition held strong-I was drenched....and at the end of the ride a little boy gave me the stink eye while saying "I didn't get wet at all".  Earlier in the day a little girl held her nose, jumped in a pond and I was still more wet than her! (Well not really.  She was more wet.  Well not really There was no little girl. But well, you get the picture,  right?)

Started raining after the water ride but just walked to the entrance.  We were already soaked!  This selfie is after we changed.  I had to peel my now three inch longer pants off.  They were stuck to me.

The umbrella I had gotten last week at the TN Trustee meeting came in quite handy after I had changed and was dry.  Now...if I can keep up with it. I have this thing about keeping up with umbrellas. It's true. 

We stopped in Pigeon Forge for supper.  Colton asked if I wanted to ride the giant ferris wheel.  I looked at him and rolled my eyes.  Um. No.  Why did he even ask? 

Biggest problem of the day is happening right now. I forgot the NYR are playing tonight in what could be a sweep for the Stanley Cup.  We watched some of the game while eating.  Before first period ended I told Colton we had to leave so I could get home to see most of game.  Well we are stuck in traffic in Knoxville.  I told him we should have driven through Maryville and Townsend.    

How could I have forgotten this was the big game night?!  I need therapy. least I managed to finally get my Dollywood season pass today.  A gold one.  

Here we go...

Dollywood bound with one of the nephews.  I hope Dolly has issued a no rain policy today or else it's going to be a miserable.  But I love my nieces and nephews so it makes it worth it.

Who knows. Maybe Colton will let me shop for a minute at the outlets.  I hate shopping but to be an irritation to two of the nieces I'm going to find something, anything and buy two of it.  Maybe in the same color!  That would drive them over the bridge!!

I'll give a full report of our Dollywood escapades tonight.   I do LOVE Dollywood!