Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wrist Tattoo

I told Tennie I've had worse when she gave me a flu shot at the Health Department today and said "I'm sorry".  But, wow, my arm is really sore.

Tennie knows all about my breast cancer battle a few years ago as she shared an office at the Health Department with my sister for many years.

Tennie asked which arm she could use. Most nurses and doctors I see know to ask. I've had lymph nodes removed from my right arm so no sticks or blood pressure.

Healthcare workers not familiar with former cancer patients do not know or either do not think to ask.  Of course now I don't look like a cancer patient so I'm quick to say no to my right arm and offer my left.

Soooo...all that to say I've decided to get a tattoo on the underside of my wrist that says "No BP.  No Sticks".  I bet Ami James could create something cool.  Maybe I'll head to Miami.

Oh.  And I'm only kidding.  Well.  Half way...

Okay.  Horrible pre-design. I was writing with my left hand onto my right wrist.  But you get the idea.  

Ami James will make it right.

Knoxville Ice Bears night

Great night for the Nashville Predators moving into #1 spot in NHL.  On the other hand the Knoxville Ice Bears were beaten by the last place team in the SPHL who were 0-11-2 on the road.  Waste of trip to Knoxville.


Top 10 of 30

Predators #1

With the win tonight the Preds are THE #1 team in the NHL!  Worst odds this past off season to win the Stanley Cup.   This little "out of market " team is quietly making a mark.

Flu Shot

My arm is so sore!  After lunch I went to the Health Department and had a flu shot.  The only thing good about the visit was talking with all my old friends who work there.  I think they enjoyed chastising me for not having the flu shot earlier.  Yes, y'all.  I know.  Every year for the rest of my life. Yeah, yeah.

Number 1 cause of injury every year.

Opening things in hard plastic containers.

On a friend from Italy's social media

Ex husband in hell

Taxpayer called today to check on taxes in Tennessee as he and his wife own land in Monroe County. I asked the name of the property which he gave me and then ask what the name was on the statement.   The man said that his wife's name was on the statement and she was divorced but her ex was also listed.  Then the man said "And he's in Hell!".  As he continued talking about the divorced dead husband he stated, "yeah I feel sorry for everyone who is in Hell and has to put up with him.  I laughed a little more and he kept talking about the guy being in hell.  It was quite comical although a very serious matter to this man. Then he said the man was a son of a b*tch.  "Have you ever met a sin of a b*tch?" he asked me.  I said yes I have and they really ruin your day. Laughing he thanked me for my help and we hung up.

Need help from a cousin.....

Jeremiah Millsaps.....

Fort Benning

I've not read "The Walking Dead" comics and don't plan to but have been told the TV show is following along closely.  I'm wondering about Morgan and Fort Benning.

At the beginning of Season 2 Rick tried to radio Morgan one last time.  Rick ended by saying maybe they'd see him in Fort Benning someday.  Foreshadowing.....?

Sons of Anarchy

The last season of one of my favorite shows came alongside the new season of "The Walking Dead".   Being preoccupied with TWD new season, plus other things in my life, put thought of the end of "Sons of Anarchy" in the back of my mind.

The show held my attention for three, maybe four seasons.  It's rare for a TV show to draw me in for longer.  Even "The Walking Dead" had disappointed me for the past two seasons.  The only exception: "Game of Thrones" has not lost me for one second.

The Irish story lines began in the 3rd year (I believe) and slowly SOA strayed from what was so great about the beginning.  However I was dedicated and stayed with the show, mostly to see if the creator's vision of "Hamlet" in leather clad, Harley riding gang members would play out.  But also, as morbid as it was, to see Clay and Gemma meet karma in a backalley in Charming.  (Though I don't believe in karma that's the only word which comes to mind.)

SOA's final season had some great writing.  Probably the best of the entire series.  Wow.  Back to the roots of the show.  Not only was the writing good the guest stars were brilliant.  Courtney Love as a preschool teacher?  Brilliant.  Marlyn Manson as a leader in prison.  Pretty much right on.  Even the guy who starred in "The Shield" show portraying the truck driver was intriguing from meeting Gemma to becoming the catalyst for the end of Jax.  Then there was Juice and Jax.  The interactions between those were some of the most profound I've watched on a TV series.

Like "The Walking Dead's", "The Talking Dead", SOA created a talk show which interviewed major characters each week.  I don't like discussion type shows.  It's one thing to talk about what happened the night before on Social Media or with friends but quite another to listen to the "experts".  Coming up with my own theories and discussing those in person with people I know is my preference.  But I thought to myself, this is the last year, ever, of SOA so I'd give a follow up talk show a chance.  It. Was. Horrible.

The little bit of "The Talking Dead" I'd watched to that point had been ok: good hosting, interesting guests with skill at carrying on conversation.  The SOA show?  Non-talented host, boring and flat, Kurt Sutter pretty much took over discussions and the stars sat with each other and answered questions about each other in ways which made it look as though they'd never met-on screen or off.  I should have never watched as listening to the dullness may have affected my view of the final season.

So with that here are a few things which were disappointing or just plain out confusing to the closure of SOA:

  • Knowing that Kurt Sutter based the character and show upon "Hamlet" it was pretty clear how the show would end.  Though a large part of me desperately wanted Jax to walk off into the sunset with his two sons the other part knew that couldn't be.  After all he had done during his life he could not be absolved of his sin.  A day of reckoning had to come.  Jax should have died at the hands of his club, the hands of his enemies or behind bars.
  • Jax spent the last episode finalizing his life from seeing to the future of his boys to securing a future for the club--his two passions. When Jax passed the gavel to Chibs my mind screamed: Chibs as president?!  No!  I was shocked and disappointed.  For one, Chibs always had been a follower and did not show leadership skills.  Two, I really wanted to club charter to die with Jax's death, to end with his bloodline.  No Teller blood-no club blood.
  • The homeless woman and child.  The religious signs, symbols, what have you's, did not fit.  Gemma had glimpses of internal struggles of faith but Jax had never shown an ounce.  None that I noticed.  Was she the angel of death?  Seems when she appeared in SOA a character died.  But what was the meaning of the bread and wine?  How did they relate to Jax?  What was their significance in relating to Teller lives?  To Jax's death?  I'm still lost on that one.....
  • The year was a bit predictable.  When something happened I'd think, oh year, saw that coming. Except for the death of Chief Unser.  I thought he would be the one to survive to tell the story of Jax, never die at Jax's hands.
  • Jax's son Able driving off in the car foreshadows (I hate foreshadowing) the possibility of a spin off show.  Which if Kurt Sutter writes would probably be a very good show.  I'll watch. 
  • Jax's end.  Holding his hands out to his sides on his Harley, closing his eyes, appearing to be making some kind of sacrifice with his life.....well that was pretty stupid.  He was no innocent lamb offering himself, and once again we saw bread and wine.
  • Jax's end - killing himself by driving into a transfer truck on his Dad's bike.  Yep, saw that coming for weeks.  Jax was never an innocent.  However, the truck driver was.  Jax involved an innocent person in his ending his life.  One last selfish act of what was mostly a selfish life.
Wow, reading this makes me sound as if I hated SOA with not much positive to write of.  Though I was disappointed with a few elements of the ending, the show is on the list of my favorites.  The internal struggle of Jax from the pilot being pulled toward questioning his life and father's life.  His struggle every year within himself to change and become something else-to become what his father wrote of in the journals-to his realization that he wasn't something else nor ever would be after Tara died.  She had been his one link to the possibility of another life.  With her death Jax didn't try to fight who he really was, what he had always been, which leaked through at every corner of his life.  Jax finally knew who he was and that was clear when he told Wendy that he wanted his boys to hate him.  He was an outlaw....