Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cousins at the Lake

My cousin Jeremiah's wife Sarah. She is beautiful, fearless and of amazing Faith. I admire and love her very much. Those you surround yourself with influence much about who you are.  To be successful in life and happiness you must surround yourself with people who have the qualities you would like to possess.  The marriage and life Jeremiah and Sarah live have aspects I'd like in mine.  Not to be an exact copy! My own identity of course. But to maintain the goals I've set in my life they are a fine couple of folks to learn a few things from. 

We spent a lot of time with Jeremiah and Sarah since they began dating and married in 2010. However, when we bought the boat they became as hooked as Chris on wake boarding and just being on the lake.  I'm okay with the lake.  Enjoy it most of the time.  The best part is growing even closer and spending time with our cousins. They are special. The boat is worth family and friend time it's created. Much more than I ever dreamed it would.

Prettiest day so far in 2014...

Today was just a most gorgeous day.  The best weather so far in 2014.  Chris and I both worked this Saturday morn.  After work I had lunch at The Lamp Post with Chris's mom.  We had our favorite - cheeseburgers!  (I'm blessed with my mother-in-law and enjoy our time together.)

Afterwards I drove around Corntassel to put out a few election yard signs.  I stopped and chatted with my cousin Ricky for a little bit and then met Sarah, Chris and our wake boarding friend Todd, who has become a type of lake/wake boarding mentor for Chris, for some boating at Rasar Landing.  (Jeremiah joined Chris, Sarah and I after he got off from work and as we dropped Todd off at the boat dock.)

I feel like I'm in the middle of filming an episode of the Xgames when watching Todd ride. Only there are no cameras.  It's pretty amazing!  I've always enjoyed watching sports.  Especially extreme sports.  Perhaps because it's something exciting but also something I'll never try.  One doesn't have to be in the middle of participating in order to love something.  I fear Todd believes I do not enjoy myself on the days I'm along for the ride. It's hard to be my dingy, sarcastic, silly, clumsy self sitting next to an Xgames star!  

Our time with sharing boat rides with Todd is fading fast as the weather is improving more and more every day.  Soon he'll have his boat back on the water along with friends and family to ride with in the summer.  God willing in the fall we'll maybe all meet up again. When no one wants to ride in either his or Chris's boat because it will be too cold.  Too cold for everyone except Todd and Chris.  Maybe then I'll ask Todd if I can bring my good camera on a trip. Out to snap some pics I can share on this blog of the only X games I'll probably ever see in person.  Of Todd jumping and flipping and flying through the air. Perhaps Chris will have learned some of the tricks. Or a few and I can take photos of him as well. I hope Chris improves as he wishes.  For some reason he loves that crazy stuff.  And that's okay. Okay as long as he doesn't break something!

Meanwhile I'll be along for the ride.  And to be the occasional boat driver when Chris and I are alone.  In the cold.  Thank goodness for the heater hoses Chris had built into the boat.  And warm blankets.  I think he knows installing those was the only way he could convince me I needed to tag along when it's cold outside.  Well, not tag along.  He needs me during the cold.  No one else would "tag" along as he says.  Tagging along with Chris Hull when it's freezing cold gives one the title of "boat driver" not "companion".  

So anyways, welcome spring!  And soon welcome summer!  But not too soon please.  I do love the temperatures and beauty of spring.  I hate when winter jumps into a quick summer.  I hate to sweat.  And most probably there will be no jumping into the lake water to cool off for this ole girl this year.  Not unless this horrible hole in my chest heals sooner than believed......

Me on the Autobahn