Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Should. I. Buy..

Yes. I had as a child...

University of Tennessee basketball game with nephew Tanner

Aria Bolutife Falana

Great, great niece

Aria Bolutife Falana - growing up sooo fast

Beats by Dre

Can't get enough of....

Columbia House Records

Who remembers Columbia House-buy 11 cassette tapes for a penny and get the 12th for free in the 80's?  What a deal!

I was a huge music lover and loved getting mail.  All you had to do for this unbelievable deal was buy at least one cassette every month at full price for a year after sending a shinny penny to Columbia House.

Momma would get so mad every year when I'd sneak and tape a penny to an ad and send the list of 12 music tapes I wanted.  Oh the joy of selecting the 12 cassettes!  But narrowing down was difficult.  Usually while ordering I'd already be planning what I'd buy the next month.  Of course this deal was a huge trap and momma could see.  But I loved music and I'd sneak and do it all over again.

Oh, the 80's, best decade ever...