Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Our calendars arrived today for those who would like one when they come pay taxes.  They are the small sticky back calendars that are easy to put on a refrigerator or car dash or just wherever.  I've ordered some for the past couple of years after many folks would stop by and ask offices if they had any.  Not many businesses give them out anymore.

Daddy loved the small calendars.  I can't remember who he got them from.  I think maybe from Mutual Insurance.

When Daddy died in 2008 when he was 82 he had a calendar stuck on the dash of his truck as always.  I kinda flipped through it.  There was one date circled.  Only one.  May 13th.   The day Momma died in 1990.  If I were a betting woman I'd bet he had circled that date on every little calendar from that fateful Mother's Day from so many, many years ago.

Seeing that and then hearing people asking about calendars since 2008 at the courthouse made me decide to start offering them.   Some widower out there in Monroe County may have lost a beloved life companion.  A beloved wife who could never be replaced.  Like Momma was to Daddy who never dated or probably never even considered doing so after her death.  That widower may want a small sticky calendar to stick to his truck dash with an important, life changing event of losing their one true love circled in remembrance.

Lucy sticks one on her 
printer at her counter.

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