Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ice Dancing

February 6th.  Can't wait.  Winter Olympics.   Hockey, skiing, ice skating, snowboarding.  The curling i can skip.  During the bob-sledding I hold my breath the whole time.  I'm not very good at that so watching it is an ordeal.

If I tried bob-sledding I'd so slip and fall while pushing the sled to get going.  Would be like the nightmarish time I tried snow skiig around 1993ish.  I was perfectly happy STANDING at the bunny slopes while Chris was off going down a mountain.  . Or was I even at the bunny slope?  I may have only been five feet away from the little area Chris and I got that worthless waste of time instruction we got.  I only remember being told that skiers do not like to be ran into.  Okay I thought.  Let me turn my poles in now because I already see where this day is going.   Where is the fireplace, hot chocolate and a book?

So.  I was standing there and one of the men we went with came up.  He was our friend's dad and a good skier.   He booger'ed the fire out of me until I agreed to get on the lift.  He said there was real snow and it was soft with no ice.  Perfect for learning and I couldn't learn in the toddler area.  I don't think he understood I didn't care to learn.

So I finally relented.  What. A . Disaster.  I fell getting OFF the lift.  I barely made it to the actual cliff area. (Okay. Hill.)  It was terrible.   Fred went on skiing.   Guess he thought I'd just follow along and learn on my way down.  Guess he didn't really know me that well.  Goes down as one of the worst days of my life.  Chris enjoyed it. He did well.  Course everything he tries he picks up pretty fast.  Good thing I was already in love with the Winter Olympics or I'd for sure hate them after that day.

Ahhhh.... Okay.  Not planning to leave the TV much during that time. Which is nothing new. Why couldn't I be recuperating during the Olympics? I'm going to have to plan this whole problem-after-surgery crap I keep running into better.  Chemo freaking wrecked my body from the moment it first entered that stupid port. Both my sister and Chris said "NO more surgery! Ever....."  (I tend to agree.)

I have another doctor's appointment in Nashville tomorrow.   I'm thinking he will cut away some more infection.   Ewww.... but it will be okay.   I kinda felt sorry for the ole doctor and his nurse last week.  He had been out of town and hadn't seen the wreck the breast cancer reconstruction revision had become till last Friday.  Yes. Revision.  He was trying to fix the wreck made at another hospital from two years ago.

He was pretty upset as he cut some icky stuff away. (No worries.  Not too bad.  Didn't hurt as much as some would think.  But I'm very nervous about tomorrow.   The infection is more gross looking and I don't want him to touch it. I'm afraid he'll hurt me! )

The doctor left the room for a minute last week and the nurse said they hated for this to happen to someone like me.  She said they of course don't want complications for any patient.  But especially one sweet like me and who has been through cancer.  (How sweet she is herself.  I think Chris might argue about my sweetness.)  I think she meant because I wasn't a typical plastic surgery patient???  I'm a cancer survivor. This isn't a choice.  (BTW.  I'm not a pink fan. Off subject. Again.  I know.  Sorry.  Isn't this supposed to be about the Olympics? Yes....Maybe I'll blog post about pink someday....)

I'll think I'll make Chris take me Downtown for lunch at Big River after the doctor.  Our favorite so I doubt I'll have to twist his arm.  It's not very far either from where we will be.   Or maybe Demos?   Nah....Big River.  Chicken Fried Chicken.  I can taste it now and may start salivating like Pavlo's dogs if I don't stop daydreaming about my love of it.

Anyways.  Back to the Winter Olympics.   I'm watching a free trial of the Universal Sports Network this week.  Lots of coverage of events leading up to February 6th.

Couples ice skating is on now.  I really like watching.  However I much prefer ice dancing-I think that's what it's called.  I like how fluid it is and how the couple touch each other-almost the entire time.   It's beautiful.   I wish it were on.  I think it may not be as popular?   Seems the competitions for ice dancing are not covered like ice skating.

Countdown to  Sochi.   Enjoying very much....

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