Sunday, June 26, 2016

Social Media Sin

Short post...because I could make this into a book if not careful...chapter after chapter after chapter.   (These are my beliefs. Not trying to challenge your own.)

First off....I do participate in Social Media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my Blog. Many talk of the evilness of Social Media as it relates to living right, Christian living.

I strongly believe Social Media provides opportunities for temptation for people to cheat on spouses, destroy other people's lives with gossip, bully behavior, etc.

Through the ages there have always been areas temptations exist....bars, school, sports, even church.  The root is sin!!!  Not this or that caused this and that.

We must be very careful in dealings, not just on Social Media, but also on our jobs, sports, leisure activities.  I'm a believer.  A Christian.  One rule I have for myself is not having lunch or dinner for work reasons with the opposite sex.  I'm married.  I hold DEAR the ideal of being a faithful wife.  I flee any sort of temptation, though I've never been in any situation such as one which could be mis-construed.   Gossip started.

Married?  FLEE any situation which may contain temptation.  Dinner meeting for your job? Do not go alone. Take someone else,  or maybe two along.  Travel for work with opposite sex.  Have separate itinerary. Make sure if your married to never put yourself in an awkward situation which could lead to inappropriate situations.  (Inappropriate situations.  Few know or understand those words these days...)

I read a book "Love Points", or something of a similar title.  Or perhaps the book only contained several interesting ideas about "Love Points"  (I'll expand on those theories in another post.) The love points idea burned thoughts into my heart about marriage.  I try to live some of the teaching but fall to old behaviour often.

Okay, this, what was intended to be a short post, has became a rambling mass with no clear site in mind.

My point, I believe, is sin is the cause for fall, failing.  However, allowing ourselves to become sucked into PM's, Facebook as phone, Snapchat, Twitter, work meetings alone with opposite sex,

Just CHOOSE to not be sucked into those things if you're married.  Or let a married person suck you in.  Commiserate comes before the fall-and one side of story is known.

It's late and I'm not processing my thoughts in a way I prefer.  Editing tomorrow...

One last not get involved with a married person. Period. Friendship.  Who knows when that might turn into a mess of hurt family.

REMEMBER....if you're doing something you don't want anyone to find out about....DON'T DO IT!  Hiding PM's from a spouse, erasing texts or messages so no one sees....well.......anyone with common sense knows that whole situation is a BAD situation!

Don't feel your the person a man or woman can vent to about their spouse!  That married person needs to talk to THEIR spouse to work things out.  Your "friendship" and hearing and believing the only side provided is a disaster waiting to explode.  Then who be da bomb?  You are for becoming the confidant of a married person who will only tell the bad of the other spouse.  One side. Oh, tsk tsk tsk....what a divorce to make.

Couples TALK to each other.  Not Social Media or work "friends ".